HOHUNET Released the Magic hot backup system in 1U space Switch

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Hot backup Switch Overview

S7606x-2z is an innovative product developed by HOHUNET. The single half-width switch supports 6 40G QSFP ports and 2 100G QSFP28 ports which also means double ports in 1U space.  Using the green Power Cable, which connects to two switches, makes the hot backup power supply system.

Figure 1: The front panel of S7606X-2Z

Magic 40G and 100G Ports

Each port of s7606X-2Z supports rate splitting and becomes multiple links with lower rates.  A 40G port can be split into four 10G links, and a 100G port can be split into four 10G or four 25G links.  Network Engineers can be supported with multi-options based on live network limit.

Figure 2: by default mode 1:1

Figure 3: By split mode 1:4

S7606x-2z is a half-width design. Through dual-link deployment with interconnected devices, it can build a physical, dual-redundant hot backup topology in 1U space to improve the active-active, dual-link security of key nodes in the network.  MLAG improves network reliability to the device level and link level.

The following are two typical topologies of customers networks.

Figure 4: TOR MLAG deployment for Data Center

Figure 5: MLAG deployment for SMB/Enterprise


The first batch of the s7606X-2Z prototype has been sent to the customer for testing, please pay attention to our following news.