S2648-6X  48-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Switch, with 48*1Gb Base-T,6*10Gb uplink ,  Dual Power(fixed)

  • 60Gbps Uplink Capacity for Big Bandwidth Application
  • 1+1 Dual Power for high reliability(Non-pluged)
  • Robust L3 Features
  • Enhanced Security and Traffic Control
  • Solution for IPv6 Networking

Highlight Features:

  1. QinQ
  2. LAG
  3. MSTP
  4. OSPF
  5. Layer 3 Basic-function

Application Scenarios:

  1. Enterprise /Campus Networks
  2. Telecommunication Operators Networks




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The S2600 series switch is a layer 3 Ethernet switch, which can meet the needs of cost-effective Gigabit access and 10 Gigabit uplink for enterprise networks and operator customers.S2600 uses a high-performance low-power network processor, provides Gigabit line-speed forwarding performance, supports green Ethernet line sleep capability, has the lowest power consumption of the same-level equipment in the industry, supports powerful QoS and ACL functions, and supports IP+MAC+ Security features such as port binding support service flow classification and packet priority marking. Support static data packet sampling, SFLOW function, support multi-port mirroring analysis function, support static and flexible QinQ function, support Ethernet OAM 802.3ag (CFM), 802.3ah (EFM), support strategy-based IPV4/6 unicast routing, support Flexible forwarding strategy.


Product Feature:

Carrier-level equipment stability

Based on Linux operating system, support IPv4/IPv6 dual protocol stack platform

Support multiple link redundancy and network redundancy protocols such as STP/RSTP/MSTP/ERPS/LACP

Perfect safety mechanism

Support ACL security filtering mechanism, which can provide security control functions based on MAC, IP, L4 port

Support ARP attack automatic protection and user blocking functions

Support DHCP attack automatic protection based on Mac Address and user blocking functions

Support DDOS and virus attack protection

Support DHCP-snooping/IP-source-Guard/802.1X and other security features

Support link protection functions such as BFD, FlexLink, LACP and ERRP

Support remote loop detection function

Support CFM、EFM

Support remote user authentication based on Tacacs+, Radius, and Local user authentication

Powerful QoS capabilities

Support port speed and flow speed limit function

Support classification based on service flow and Qos flow control function

Support queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/WRR/SP+WRR

Support port-based and service flow-based mirroring functions

Enhanced multi-service capabilities

Support DHCP Server and DHCP Relay

Support L2-Tunnel

Support Ethernet OAM protocol such as CFM、EFM

Rich routing protocol

Support static route

Support dynamic route such as RIP, OSPF,BGP, ISIS

Support IPV4/IPV6 dual protocol stack,Support RIPng、OSPFv3

Simple and easy-to-use network management function

Support CLI based on RS232 serial port, Telnet and SSHv2

Support WEB-based configure operation management, support SNMP V1/V2/V3

Support remote upgrade or equipment through FTP and TFTP



1. Basic
Product Name S2648-6X S2624-4X
Product Positioning Enterprise / Metro / HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) network access or aggregation
Switching Method Store and Forwarding / Cut Through
Packet Buffer 16Mbit 12Mbit
CPU Model/ Frequency SOC(MIPS-Dual Core Up to 1GHz) SOC(MIPS-34Kc Up to 800MHz)
Flash 32MB(FLASH)
Memory 512MB(DDR3)
Hardware Configuration Main Board Spec 48*10/100/1000M Base-T
6*1000M Base-X SFP/10GE SFP+
24*10/100/1000M Base-T
4*1000M Base-X SFP/10GE SFP+
Console Type RJ45
Outband Eth Management Port Support
Inband Eth Management Port Support
2. Performance Spec
Switching Capacity Switching Capability 216 Gbps 128 Gbps
Throughput 160.704 Mpps 95.232 Mpps
Latency Min: 660ns
3. Hardware and Software Description
Hardware Summary Standard 1U 19” Rack Mountable
48*10/100/1000M Base-T
6*1000M Base-X SFP/10GE SFP+
Standard 1U 19” Rack Mountable
24*10/100/1000M Base-T
4*1000M Base-X SFP/10GE SFP+
Software Upgrade Method TFTP/FTP
Service interruption time when reboot system for software update Less Than 120s
4. The Power Supply and Power Requirements
Type of Power Supply AC Support
DC Support
Power Supply Range AC Operating Voltage: 100 ~ 240V; 50/60Hz
Maximum Voltage: 90 ~ 264V; 47~63Hz
DC Operating Voltage: -48V ~ -75V
Double Power Input Support(Fixed) NO Support
Max Power Draw 53W 22W
5. Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
Overcurrent/Overvoltage Protection Yes
Surge Protection Level 2 KV
6. Others
Hardware Size (H×W×D) in. 440 x 290 x 44mm 440 x 210 x 44mm
Weight (kg) 5kg 3kg
Cooling Mode Fan Cooling (Front-to-Rear Airflow)
Quantity of Fans 2 1
Fan Module Pluggable Not support (Fixed fan)
Not Support (Fixed Fan)
Fan Module Intelligent Speed Control NO Support
Operating Temperature Range -10℃~55℃



Tips :● Support  ○ Unsupport

Feature List
Feature Description S2624-4X S2648-6X
Type Sub Type Feature
Ethernet basic features Ethernet Interface Ethernet interface operating modes(full duplex, half duplex, and auto-negotiation)
Ethernet interface operating rates
Jumbo Frame
Port enable/disable
Flow-control Flow-control tx/rx
Storm-control Port based storm-control
Unknow-unicast/unknow-multicast/broadcast storm-control
Port-isolate Port-isolate
Forward mode Store-and-forward
VLAN VLAN Access mode Access/Trunk/Hybrid
Default VLAN
VLAN Classification VLAN Classification(port based/mac based/ip based/protocal based)
QinQ Basic QinQ
Flexible QinQ
MAC MAC Address Table Automatic learning and aging of MAC addresses
Hardware Learning
Static and dynamic  MAC address entries
blackhole MAC
LAG Link aggregation Static-LAG & LACP
LAG load balance(SIP/DIP/SMAC/DMAC)
Ethernet Ring protection features STP STP Spanning-Tree Protocol
RSTP Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol
MSTP Multi-instance Spanning-Tree Protocol
Spanning-Tree Protocol Protection BPDU Filter/Guard
Root Guard
Loop Guard
ERPS ERPS Single Ring
Sub Ring
Loopback Detect Loopback Detect Loopback-detection
Layer2 Multicast Layer2 Multicast IGMP Snooping IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping
Fast leave
Static IGMP snooping group
MVR MVR(Multicast VLAN Registration)
IPv4 Forwarding ARP ARP Static and dynamic ARP entries
Aging of ARP entries
Gratuitous ARP
ARP proxy basic ARP-Proxy
local ARP-Proxy
IPv4 Unicast Routing IPv4 Static Routes IPv4 Static Routes
uRPF uRPF check
RIP RIPv1/v2
ICMP ICMP redirect
ICMP unreachables
IPv4 Multicast Routing IGMP IGMPv1/v2/v3
IGMP SSM Mapping
IPv6 Forwarding IPv6 Basic Protocol ICMPv6 ICMPv6
IPv6 Unicast Routing IPv6 Static Routes IPv6 Static Routes
IPv6 Multicast Routing MLD v1/v2 MLD v1/v2
MLD v1/v2 Snooping MLD v1/v2 Snooping
Reliability BFD BFD BFD for OSPFv2
Track for VRRP
Smart Link FlexLink FlexLink
Monitorlink Monitorlink
ethernet OAM EFM EFM (802.3ah) Auto detection
Network fault detetion
Network fault handle
remote loopback
CFM CFM (802.1ag) Hardware CCM detect
MAC Ping
MAC Trace
Y.1731 Y.1731 Latency and jitter measure
QoS features QoS Traffic classification Traffic classification based on COS/DSCP (simple classification)
Traffic classification based on ACL ( complex classification)
Traffic classification based on inner header of the tunnel packets
Traffic behaviors Queue scheduling
Remark the priority fields(COS/DSCP) of the packet based on ACL
Flow redirection
Flow mirror
Traffic policing Traffic policing based on direction(in/out)  of Port
Traffic policing based on direction(in/out) of VLAN
Traffic policing based on direction(in/out) of flow
Traffic policing based on direction(in/out) of aggregated flow
Traffic shaping Queue based traffic shaping
Port based traffic shaping
Congestion management SP(Strict Priority)scheduling
WRR(Weighted Round Robin)scheduling
SP + WRR mixed scheduling
Traffic statistics Packet counts and bytes statistics based on traffic classification
Packet counts and bytes statistics based on the color after traffic policing
Forwarded and discarded packet counts and bytes statistics
Security and management System Security SSH SSHv1/v2
AAA Authentication
Dot1x Port based dot1x
MAC based dot1x
Basic Mode ACL
Port/VLAN/L4-Port ACL
Time Range
ARP Inspection ARP Inspection
IP Source Guard IP Source Guard
Port Security Limitation on MAC address learning on interface
VLAN Security Limitation on MAC address learning on VLAN
Rate limit Rate limit
CPU Traffic Limit CPU Traffic Limit
Prevent DDOS attack Prevent DDOS attack (ICMP Flood/Smurf/Fraggle/LAND/SYN Flood)
Login filter CLI/WEB/SNMP/Telnet/SSH filtering
Network Management DHCP DHCP Server
DHCP Relay
DHCP Snooping
DHCP Option60
DHCP Option82
sFlow RFC3176 sFlow
SNTP SNTP(Simple Network Time Protocol)
Configuration and maintenance Terminal Services Command Line Interface Configurations through CLI (Command Line Interface)
Help information Help information in English
Terminal service Vty Terminal service
Console Terminal service
Configuration Management Management interface Inband management interface and configuration
Outband management interface and configuration
User privilege management privileged user proirity and privileged commands
SNMP Network management based on SNMPv1/v2c/v3
Public and private MIB
Public and private Trap
WEB Configuration and management based on WEB UI
Restore factory default configuration Restore factory default configuration
File System File system File system
Upload and download Upload and download files through FTP or TFTP
Upload and download files through Xmodem
Debugging And Maintenance Debug per-module Debug features
ICMP Debug
Log & Alarm CPU usage display and  alarm
Memory  usage display and  alarm
Device temperature、PSU、FAN、status display and alarm
User operation logs
Management of logs, alarms, and debugging information
VCT VCT(Virtual Cable Test)
system diagnostics Detailed Diagnostic-information collection
Reboot Manual reboot
Schedule Reboot
Reboot Information logging
Network diagnostics Ping
IPv6 Ping
Mirror Port mirror
Flow mirror
Remote mirror
Multi-destination mirror(m:n)
CPU statistics To CPU/From CPU packets statistics
Loopback port loopback
hardware loopback(internal/external)
System time Time configuration
Version Upgrade System soft ware upgrade upgrade with the local image file
upgrade with the remote TFTP server
Uboot upgrade Online upgrade Uboot


Performance & Spec Table
Class Feature Sub Spec S2624-4X S2648-6X
Ethernet Basic Jumbo frame Maximum Jumbo frame size 12288
Switching Capacity Switching Capability 128 Gbps 216 Gbps
Throughput 95.232 Mpps 160.704 Mpps
Latency Min: 660ns
MAC MAC address Capacity 16K 32K
MAC Learning Rate (HW) Line Rate Line Rate
Multicast MAC Multicast MAC address Capacity 1023 4095
MAC-VLAN Capacity 1K 2K
IP-subnet-vlan Capacity 1K 2K
Protocol-VLAN Capacity 8
VLAN Swap Capacity 1K 2K
Link Aggregation
Maximum Member Num per group 8
Maximum Group Num 64 128
Load balance policy Dst-ip/Src-IP/Dst-MAC/Src-MAC
Convergence time < 50ms
Port-isolate Port-isolate Group Num 4
Ethernet Ring protection STP Convergence time < 30s
RSTP Convergence time < 1s
MSTP Instance Num 16
Convergence time < 1s
ERPS(G.8032) Rings 239
Switchover time < 50 ms
Ethernet OAM CFM(802.1ag) Maximum Session Num 48
Maximum domain Num 8
CCM Interval Types 4
Maximum Down MEP Num 8191
Maximum Up MEP Num 8191
IPv4 unicast ARP ARP Capacity 6K 12K
IPv4 LPM 512 12K
IPv4 multicast IGMP Snooping Maximum Groups Num 1K 4K
IPv6 unicast Host Route NDP Capacity 3K 12K
IPv6 LPMv6 128 12K
QACL Per-port Queue Num Queue Num 8
Packet Buffer System Packet Buffer Capacity 12M 16M
ACL ACL Capacity 2K 4K
Security IP Source Guard IPv4 IP-Source-Guard Capacity 1K
IPv6 IP-Source-Guard Capacity 1K
802.1x base MAC Maximum Entries 1K
DHCP-Snooping Maximum bound entry 1K
Reliability VRRP Maximum Group Num 255
Smart Link Flexlink Num 128
MonitorLink Num 5


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