AK08 Charging Switch, with 8*USB downlink and 1*1000M Base-T uplink(For iPhone charging and access internet)

Main Features: 

  1. Avoid WiFi interference
  2. Intensive deployment
  3. Multi IOS version compatibility
  4. Continuous charging

Application Scenarios:

  1. sell goods through livestreaming
  2. Mobile Internet application test


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This product is developed by Shenzhen Hohu Network Technology Co., Ltd., mainly used for the relatively intensive mobile phone data collection terminal and IOS-end game pressure test scene.It mainly solves the problem of bandwidth allocation in the dense scene of IOS mobile terminals. A single machine provides 8 / 48 gigabit ports, and each port can provide full-speed broadband for mobile terminals.The dock AK08 / 48 adopts centralized design, to save users more space, improve the broadband load capacity, and can power the terminal phone, high power power design, silent and environmental protection.


The AK08/48 complete machine provides8/48 Internet ports, which can provide full-speed bandwidth for each IOS terminal mobile phone, and solve the frequency interference problem of deploying multiple AP environments in the wireless environment.Too much wifi deployed in the same environment will cause the same frequency interference. When there are too many terminals in the wireless environment, the network efficiency becomes below. The use of dock equipment can not only solve the same frequency interference problem, but also improve the bandwidth efficiency of the terminal equipment. A single 100 trillion broadband can have a full load of 144 IPHONE.

Hohu AK08/48 provides users with full-speed bandwidth while charging, with only a Lightning line, to ensure the stable operation of the business without interruption, and greatly saves the operating space.

Safe and high-power power supply design provides power guarantee for dense port exchange and a large number of mobile phone terminals. The power supply design has passed 3C safety certification.AK48 adopts high-power silent fan design, both heat dissipation and environmental protection.



Model AK48 AK08
Port 2*1000M RJ45

48*100M USB

1*1000M RJ45

8*100M USB

Size 440mm×270mm×44mm 163mm*27mm*100mm
Weight ≤2KG ≤0.5KG
Power 100VAC~240VAC,50-60Hz 100VAC-240VAC,50-60Hz,5V/10A
Maximum Power ≤200W ≤50W
Operating Temperature Range -10ºC~50ºC;




Storage Temperature -40ºC~70ºC -40ºC~70ºC
Standard Lightning

MFI Authentication

OS IOS8.0、IOS9.0、IOS10.0、IOS11.0 etc.
Protocol IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u、IEEE802.3ad、IEEE 802.3x、IEEE802.1Q、IEEE802.1p


Order Information

Product Description
AK48 2*1000M RJ45

48*100M USB

Built-in 200W power supply

Built-in fan

AK08 1*100M RJ45

8*1000M USB

External 50W power adapter

Lightning wire Compatible with each version of the IOS system Lightning wire


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